Success Stories

I could not do without you and the on-going training and advice you have given to me over the past 4 years. My trio of canines would far less healthy and well behaved without you!

Carolyn Moneymaker


My first foster dog would probably have not been able to be adopted without your help. His over the top aggressive behavior was the reason he became a foster dog in the first place. With your training and continued support, he is now in his forever home and one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever known.

Jennifer Alford


I could never thank Lisa enough for the fantastic training & guidance we got for our dog. He is spoiled rotten but the best dog ever because of Lisa! I tell everyone!

Sherry Wyatt Hill


I know that my shelter dog, Roque, was so misbehaved that had he been a breeder’s dog, I would have returned him. But I knew since he was a kill-shelter pup, he would meet a bad fate. So I kept him and Lisa helped enormously making him into the loving little man-dog he is today. She is now helping me with my second foster dog, a stubborn Blue Tic Hound named Shiloh and once again I could not do without Lisa, or "Aunt Li-Li" as my trio know her!

Carolyn Moneymaker


Having a physical disability, it was very important that our new Lab puppy learn to work with me. After taking Lisa’s, Basic Obedience class, I can confidently walk my now 83lb 9 month old puppy with out fear of her pulling me over!  We have both learned valuable skills that have helped to build our relationship as dog and dog owner.  I look forward to taking additional classes at Norfolk K9 Academy.

Rachel Foster


My medium sized Dachshund, Woody, was so uncontrollable I could not take him anywhere without him lunging at other dogs as if to kill.  If he ever got off  leash and a saw a person running there was no stopping him – he was going to bite a leg.  He even had the bite of a jogger on his  record.  All this changed after Lisa taught me how to show Woody who was the leader of our pack.  He has even been through Canine Good Citizen Training with Lisa.  He now waits for me to enter or leave before calmly following.

Judy Wright


As S.E. Virginia Representative for Dachshund Rescue of North America, I have unwittingly accepted several dogs into rescue with temperament problems.  This normally means an unadoptable dog and unfortunately, at times, the loss of a dog.  Lisa has worked with at least three of my foster families in completely turning around four dogs that could not have been adopted otherwise.  She is amazing in her ability to tame the wild beast.  These dogs have gone on to be adopted by loving families and are enjoying a completely new life.

Judy Wright
S.E. Virginia Representative
Dachshund Rescue of North America


Lisa  rapacki changedy life! She helped 90lb Frankie learn that as the mother of three kids I was the leader of the pack!  If only she trained children! Frankie came to us as a 90lb unruly force. Lisa turned him into a well behaved member of our family.

Joan Smith