“My work is fueled through a deep concern for animal owners and their pets, and the firm belief that training makes an even good dog better .” – Lisa Rapacki

Lisa began her dog training career in 2005 after adopting two dogs Dixie and Rex. Dixie turned out to be aggressive toward men and other dogs. She was “that” dog at the end of the leash barking and lunging. Rex was beaten up by Dixie and had no self esteem. She sought the help of a master trainer and specialist Linnea Nicely-Dix.

Linnea inspired Lisa to begin her new career after seeing the amazing turnaround of her newly adopted dogs. Soon after Lisa began an apprenticing program with Linnea and earned her Master Trainer Certification and Behavior Modification from Cavalier Canine in 2007.

Today both dogs are TDI tested and make regular visits to the USO. While in school Lisa decided to foster dogs and train them in order to gain experience. Murphy came with a long list of behavioral issues. He was to be put down after being deemed too aggressive. He is a now a Canine Good Citizen and a work in progress. Jack is the new addition to the family. He is also a work in progress.