Compassionate Training for Your Canine Companion

Thank you for your interest in Norfolk K9 Academy. I am very excited to help you and your best friend open the line of communication.

I believe life is about balance and so should your relationship with your dog. Dogs learn three ways, repetition, timing and consistency.

We start off in a quiet environment where all our focus is on learning. If you choose the private classes, we slowly add distractions and finally go to the park. You have to teach your dog that sit means sit, not only in your home when he wants a cookie but also at the veterinarians office.

Real world obedience is my goal for you and your family. Dogs need three types of stimulation, physical, social and mental. Obedience fulfills the mental stimulation which is usually overlooked.

When you have spent all day thinking about something at the end of the day you are exhausted. Your dog is no different. When you ask your dog to heel through your neighborhood he has to think about what he is doing and your walk becomes a mental exercise as well as physical.

Please feel free to call me with any question or to set up your free meet and greet. I look forward to meeting you and your dog!


Lisa Rapacki

SitMofoSit Online Training Program